Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Yeah!

I am going to make some fiber art work. Over at crochet by numbers group todd made a picture of obama smiling. He takes pictures and converts them to crochet graphs. You got to go there to really get the idea. My point is i want to make the Obama Smiles picture into a shopper. the trend i have noticed is large bags with short handles you carry in the crook of your arm. long story short I did my sample pattern with ease and now I am doing the sample pattern correctly (I did not do the cut and tie in the first sample)
I am concerned though. I was reading and it says the pictures are better viewed for afar that is why most people hang theirs on the wall as art. One lady did make hers a blanket. And it is going to be too big at 75 rows wide.

The plan is to make the bag in three pieces, picture, base, back. I want the same base as the shopper but crocheted.

If you join the crochet by numbers group on ravelry Todd will create a picture of your choice for free. Spread the word!

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