Friday, March 30, 2007

Partially Finshed Object

All I have left to do is line this bag. It came out pretty good. I want some pretty floral fabric. I was watching QVC last night and they were selling Sak bags. I have to have some nylon thread to make me a nylon buttonhole bag. The hole of my cotton bag did not come out as big as I wanted. but that is ok. I may put a piece of plastic canvas on the bottom and get some feet for it as well. Again watching QVC their bag had that a bottom without feet and she even folded it up. I can do that.

I restarted my Argosy blanket and now I have run out of yarn. But AC moore is having a Super Saturday sale then I will get some more yarn. I also changed to my size 5 circulars. I need to get some metal ones in the right size.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Freak'em Girl is Equine Approved

I am taking pictures of my bag for the knitting wisdom pattern submission. We find this pretty spot with the horses in the background. I prop myself on this fence that i really don't think is going to hold me. and smile why does this horse come up behind me!. he did not get the picture but this horse bit my bag i have a nice grass stain on my bag from where he left his horsey slobber!
You should have seen me hopping off that fence! All i could see is that horse dragging my bag behind that fence and i was going to be so mad. How was I supposed to get my bag back? Bill (photographer) said what do you have in that bag? The horese must have thought i had some cookies in there and he was determined to get them. Look if i had some cookies I would have given them too him.


I had to load another browser just to get into blogger at work. This is my latest project. Actually I have several going, Argosy blanket , lobby cloth and now cotton buttonhole bag. I and nearing the end. I need to get back onto the Argosy blanket. This bag was supposed to be a baby bag but i did not make the base wide enough. I have plans for a Jazzy Chic Layette set. the hounds tooth pattern form the Freakem girl cream and black cotton oh yeah it is going to be fly. A solid Cream cardigan and a solid black cardigan sold black socks (gina ahren of course) and solid cream, striped socks as well and matching coordinating hats. this bag would have been jazzy chic but i did not have the pattern when i started.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

These washcloths are from Mason Dixon KAL website. The other is the beginning of an Argosy Baby Blanket. I am going to ask the designer if I am doing it right. She has not wrote the pattern yet I am jumping the gun. Kay's Blanket was increased to 15 blocks i am at inc of 11 blocks and it looks real small. So I am kinda worried. Who knows how big I need to go since I am totally different than what they are doing? My baby says it looks like a pair of panties. And it does. The washcloths are real easy you see I did mini ones. I

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Finished Something

I made two washcloths. I got the pattern from MDKAL. They were real easy to do. I made the first one and halfway through I said I got to make one opposite colorway. See that is how i end up making so many wahcloths then becoming tired of washcloths, there are so many possibilites. I have started on my Argosy bably blanket. I want to make a blanket with a matching baby bag. I thought the baby bag was going to ne the challenge but i see the argosy it self is i keep losing count of my rows. And I am at home all alone so i have no distraction(but the tv) and i have frogged the thing three times. I am using red heart because that is what i have. I have cotton and the author of the pattern says P&C is less thicker than the blue sky cotton she is usung so double up on the P &C. I have only one ball of P&C. Red heart is is I only have about half skein of that but i know where I can get more without the wait. I am using 6mm size needles. Wish me luck. I am going to need it.

Monday, March 05, 2007

So far

So far I have created a mini flora by berrocco, a baby genius scarf and a make shift argosy. I amnot done with the scarf and the flora felted well but the flowers are not so good and the argosy is a no no. The scarf is real beautiful though.