Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Freak'em Girl is Equine Approved

I am taking pictures of my bag for the knitting wisdom pattern submission. We find this pretty spot with the horses in the background. I prop myself on this fence that i really don't think is going to hold me. and smile why does this horse come up behind me!. he did not get the picture but this horse bit my bag i have a nice grass stain on my bag from where he left his horsey slobber!
You should have seen me hopping off that fence! All i could see is that horse dragging my bag behind that fence and i was going to be so mad. How was I supposed to get my bag back? Bill (photographer) said what do you have in that bag? The horese must have thought i had some cookies in there and he was determined to get them. Look if i had some cookies I would have given them too him.

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Karla said...

LOL - Loved this picture, Toni! The horse is gorgeous! I must say that better he bit your bag than your bottom! When I was reading your post I thought you were going to say that he came up behind you and bit your bottom!

I hope your bag will come clean of the horsey slobber. It's a great looking bag!

See you over at the stitch marker exchange!