Friday, August 31, 2007


My jumbo fat bottom bag fell through because i ran out of yarn. My machine knit ballet t shirt fell through becasue i do not have enough needles. I have not started my machine knit anouck becasue i do not have the right yarn (cause you know i got yarn). this is why I am Creative (the ablity to fail without losing enthusiam).

On a brighter note I looked at all the ballet t shirts on Ravelry and I did not know you can make a baby one! So I am buyng the pattern today. I have to make some adjustments to make mine. One lady on ravelry gave a quick tut on how to do it so I am happy about that as well. The picture is the start of the german granny bag. I have 3 of 16 complete the five round granny squares. I just had a thought that I could make traditional squares and use a corrdinanting print fabric that you could see through the holes. a kntted one would be nice too just make 16 squares all the same size and sew them together. I need to work on that project. A german tote bag. Raena and I both thought about the sun spots and a nice bag I said even a larger than life bag. It would be the round larger than life. See now I want that one. it only took 1 and 1/2 skein of red heart to make 12 probably the other half to make 16. I would like that better. And i still can have my corrdinanting fabric. it is good to be creative.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not Enough Needles

I made my swatch last night washed and dried it and everything! i put my infomation into Knitware and the patterns generates...I need at least 152 needles! So i may just buy the pattern i have some 15's at the house it only took Adrieene (sp) 5 hours I can do it. I thought it was knitted straight so i was like no got to do it on the machine but reading the description it is knit in the round and you do not even cut the yarn. SO I will just buy the pattern it is only $6.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Willow Block purse

it is a cute little purse so that I do not have to lug the big bag around. it holds just what I need keys and phone. I need a closure that is it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh Yeah

I have started my fat bottom bag. You see I saw a jumbo fat bottom bag the cutest thing I ever did see. Now I have about four friends that have recently had a baby or will have a baby arriving soon. When I saw the jumbo fat bottom first thing that came to mind baby bag!

The pattern

Fat bottom bag pattern

3 skeins of wool ease thick and quick

Size N Crochet Hook.

I have rug yarn and size K crochet hook. I know it will not be as big as hers but it will be a start.

My biggest dilema what color?

Monday, August 20, 2007

She got my squares

Sugar Bunny Blvd, Got my square my package is right on top the yello envelope with the large lable.
My square were wopped hope ahe can use them. I am so happy to help.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Beautiful Iining

this will be the lining for my black buttonhole bag I made out of crochet nylon. Now I know those a navy blue flower but it is gorgeous I cannot help it. Now I wish I had some navy blue crochet nylon or wool. I bought the last yard Walmart had. it was $2 a yard.

@#$%^&* I am finished!@#$%%^

I am so mad. I mean I am glad I am finshed but I don't like it

it looks so unfinished. I am either goign to crochet and attach some long white handles or buy some short bamboo hadles. I need to take it by This and That so I can show them that I finished something. I went to them alot for advice and I am just now finishing something.

My next plan is to finshed my other granny square bag by sewing onto the other totoe bag I had. I may need to take soemthing off that bag as well to get it to fit onto the toe bag but we will see.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mini Ballband Washcloth Swap

Sign ups have begun for the mini ballband swap. just email me with the answers to these questions if you want to join.

are you a smoker?
do you have any pets?
do you want to swap overseas

Pattern in cast on 27 do 8 bricks. If you need the textured dishcloth pattern let me know!
only requirement is you must send one washcloth. Extras are not required. Discuss with your partner if you want extras.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Mini Ballband Washcloth Swap

I have not swaped in a while! So I am starting a miniballband washcloth swap. I need people to swap with so if you want to swap miniballbands hit me up.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ain't this just the cutest thing you ever did see!

They are ice cream sandwich molds! you cut out two cookies put one cookie inside place a scoop of ice ccream then the other cookie on top then press down. Remove the cover and push out the sandwich! I am already thinking that I am buying a pan of pre made brownies or those big soft cookies from pepperidge farm. The instructions says bake a pan of cookies. Either way I cannot wait The baby wants some for her birthday party!
Machine Knitters I need some pattern testers i made three sock patterns I wanted someone to try. Thanks.
oh yeah almost done with book seven of harry potter so don't give away the ending.