Monday, April 17, 2006

Nothing New on the Knitting Front

I got a partial poncho on the machine now. It was going to be a large two rectangle poncho but I got tired and I found a new pattern and it may end up being a one strip asymetrical poncho just to get it off my machine. My Carolina Bonder meeting is not until this Sat. I got a few pieces to show. You know what happened to my machine knit button hole bag. I bought another hank of purple and did not unravel it right so now I have a tangled ball of mess. My thought is to handknit the base and then rehang it and don't do any increases. But I would like to have that done before the meeting. And I am on this thing with clutches. They maybe done by Sat. I need zippers and lining. Oh and I want to make a bag that matches my shoes. Wait til Ms. Mary see those! I got to find some jeans that match the bag and make the bag like in payless. I got to looking at the shoes and it.