Friday, September 23, 2005

Duck Washcloths

I have an idea for babyshower gifts, Duck dish cloths. I was making a duck toy from the free bernat pattern I got from the internet. I made it out of cotton and I thought this would make a good wash cloth. So I would like to find a pattern to go with the theme for Coleen's son but if not I will use the Ducks. I want to get her all bath products to go with the bath tub. Matching towels would be great. Or make some out of that terry yarn. I got some in the house some where I need to find it. But that is all for now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Baby Mock Rib Pullover

Here is my first mock rib pullover. I used gina Ahrens pullover pattern and Kangamoo knits mock rib pattern. I got one thing accomplish for the baby shower. I had to start this sweater over three times. I did that cable knit one twice already so I need to do it one more time then maybe I wll get it. I am worried about the width of sweater. I want ot create it without doing a swatch. that is my problem. but I did a good job on this one. I even made a placket that little piece sticking up from the shoulder. I am going to put a button to close the neck and three buttons to hold the placket down. I did this because the neck opening is way too small. I used key palte 4 to make larger. And it even fits Lela but the sleeves are not long enough. I may add more rows to the beginning. Like I didi with the bootie. I put 20 rows to the pattern and used keyplate 4 and it fits her feet. Lets not talk about the shopping cart cover. That is still not finished. I only have the casing left to do and some finishing touches. But the casing is killing me. When I did it by hand and folded over an inch my seam was not perfect or wide enough so I could not get my elastic through. And pulling it through was killing me. So I am going to buy some bias tape to be the casing and now I have to wait to get some money! see cannot win for losing. But you know what I found my Stitch witch maybe I can try that!