Friday, May 30, 2008

At the ninth hour

I decide to work on my swap which is due (like in the mail) June 15. But I am so proud of myself. I did like niki said, find a pattern you like and a stitch pattern that fits within that pattern and go to work (of course i am paraphrasing). So I took my favorite bootie pattern, garter stitch slik slippers and a stitch pattern that is worked over an odd number of stitches (the current one is mock rib but I have like five patterns) and Viola! I so love it when I do a niki knits design. I wanted to make a tank top the same way but I am too lazy to swatch.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am all about the fabric now

So now that my machine working I have a made a blanket and now two dresses. They are bit big but still cute. Mine can be big I need room to grow but the baby's I am going to tighten hers up. Hers is a dress and mine is a shirt. Not bad two items for 17 and some change. Now I am all about fabric now that my machine is working.

A Change in Pace

I made a blanket for my own baby!. I am trying to recover my high chair and looking for neutral fabric for that i came across a Winnie the Pooh panel. I bought that and some cute yellow fabric to back it. i completed it last night in about an hour. It needs to be quilted. I need some easy quilting suggestions. I already want to make another one! Hancocks had a cute Duck panel too. Plus it was 30% off. I am actually up to two blankets for the baby.

Monday, May 05, 2008


I did not cry but i was about to thanks so much for everyone suggestions and believeme i was going to call. But I was like I will be damned if I let this pattern beat me! I got thinking about it and i felt so stupid why didi I not cast on magic loop way. Crimson Purl told me like magic loop. So I tried agin it didi not work stitches were too tight on the 15's. I said ok try the 5's the yarn calls for 4-5 i just want to cast on inthe round without twisting. and would you believe it worked! now mind you it is way small but cute. I am or should say may make it out of the white cotton /acrylic I got from WS. it looks big enough to fit QueenBW lillte girl. I thought it was going to fit mine but I was quickly mistaken. So i went to the oringal plan. Still thinking that Iwas going to make a sweater for me. I went to AC Moore bought longer 15's 3 balls of microspun (all with 50% coupon I am not rich) Came home and got to it. Still did not work. I refuse to buy the metal 15's ( I will next time) I think I cast on to tight. I swear it is the needles. ANyway I casted on with my 10's they are metal and I am now about halfway though a cute striped sweater for Lela. Now I casted on for a size 14-18 but since i casted on with 10's it fits lela better than me go figure the top is a bit big but it will work but she doesn't really have anything to wera with it but that is neither here nor there. I am just glad I hung in there I did not let this pattern beat me. AC Moore has 6 colors of microspun i need to find a new source. What i do about my too tight cast on for the 15's so that I can make a sweater for me? Thanks again everybody for all your help!

Friday, May 02, 2008

I have reached frustration

I am about to tears. I am up to row 9 and my tee is till twisted! what do I do!!!! is it becasue i do not have a 24" circular needle? ok i have eaten a few cookies and calmed down. This is not the first project I had to rip back serveral times before i got it right now i blame the hormones. I called my LYS and she said it is probably the acrylic in the cotton that is making it twist but to also pullout a long strand of yarn before joining my round. This is truly frustrating! And I call myself creative!

Fine Line?

Is there a fine line between creativity and frustration? I am trying my best to make this ballet tee. One I have yet to knit in the round. I played that off with once I did not knit. I casted on 68 sts and began knitting in the round (thank you Crimson Purl) and got to about row 6 when I realized that my sts were twisted. I took it down and did it again I think I am at row three and through both rows just a praying please don’t be twisted. I thought I was going to do seed stitch for those first two rows. Fooled me I need to concentrate on not twisting my stitches. Maybe I will pickup and knit a decorative border on the top and bottom but for now let me just get the sweater done. I could not wait till Sat to get the yarn I am actually supposed use (microspun) so I started with the white cotton acrylic I bought from WS and that is a really pretty bright white. I am doubling it and it is looking kind of thick but I am afraid to do single because I think it may be too loose. I don’t know. But I worked so hard on the pattern which is going like a charm (thank you Noelle Noodle) the actual one I want to do is a Fibonacci striped tee in the colors green white and yellow. The one I am working on now I will keep going till I run out of yarn.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


This is the lining for the bag. I am at 3 1/2" of 12". I may use this button on the outside. I thought the button was so pretty i just had to buy it. The bag is moving slowly it might be becasue i am moving slowly. I do about two to three rows a day. I only need 14 repeats and I am at like 5 or 6. I got the fabric at a yard sale for free. and I actually have enough for my bag. I thought i was going to have to add some to the sides but i am good!. I don't even care that it is pink and green (cuz you know they don't match (a little delta humor))I am debating between this button and the little plastic elephants i had made a while back i have not used yet.