Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Design Your Labels

You can do it the way easy way and use a template like this here or here (she has side labels!)

Or DIY it with the steps below

  1. Click on  Mailings


  1. Click on Labels 

Click on Labels

   Your Label vendor should be Avery US Letter
   Product Number 5160 Easy Peel
3   Click OK

Click New Document (ignore the red circle around the x)
You should have 30 new squares 
Fill as you see fit! Print it out as you would a sheet of paper.
There are many places to get printable fabric, craft sores, office supply stores and online.   You can even make your own.  I make mine similar to this tutorial  .


CurvyGirls areChic said...

Love it!

DJ Dansby said...

Thanks for posting. Are these fabric labels for clothes? Or peel and stick labels for marketing?


Diva said...

Fabric for clothes but you can print them on label paper and use for marketing.

Shari Williams said...

Awesome tutorial and great job sew sistah!

Diva said...

Thank you Shari!!!