Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Boho bag progress

This will be hot I have decided that I am not going to do the sides I love it just the way it is. What type of embellishments? Not sure yet about the lining either But I have my great interfacing that I get for This and That.

At first I did not have much to say I was actually going to quit. But I had Raena helping me I was like I can't give up. So I actually went out and bought the actual yarn called for in the pattern because at first I was going to use some stash yarn as I said before. But anyway last night I got some yarn and started all over. As you can see it is a real pretty color. I went to the store set on buying tweedle dee in Sagebrush but saw the blue with the purple (blue heather according to the label) and Sagebrush quickly fell to the side. I would love to buy some more but 7.99 a ball (actually came to $5 with a coupon) was not cool. I do have two 50% off coupons. But now I have a baby coming. But so far the bag is coming out nicely. Once I figured out that you do not front post st all the dc on the second row it started coming together I cannot wait until it is done. Even though it is 80 degress outside I am taking Crimson Purl pics with my pea coat and coordinating bag!

That tweedle dee would make a nice neckscarf.

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