Thursday, June 22, 2006

I did it!!!!

Click on the title. I made this without the lace detail. But I am still amazed I actually made a swatch and the details went to a use! Now I want to make other things. I was a little put off by the capri pants thing but I could not let that stop me. I am not sure how to work the lace pattern into my machine knitting pattern. See I had converted the pattern just as they had written it. Make two pieces and then sew them together. But yesterday I was looking at another shrug pattern and the light went off. Why not cast on the width and knit the length. This way I did not have to split the shrug. The same thing applied to the Panobo. Can I still call it a panobo if it is not the exact same thing? Remember when I made it the first time and it was big enough to fit Lela. I was worried about the fit when I was making it. I did not think it was going to be wide enough. Then when I sewed it up I thought the sleeves were a little short but a little pulling (not really sure if I should have did that)it was ok. I think once I wash and dry it will hang correctly or at least I hope. I am not exactly sure how to block it. I hope it won't make to much of a difference. You know how happy I am about this I am actually doing a crochet border with a steel hook. Ordinarily I do not crochet something that small or big. But this is for me and I am worth it. I am doing four rows around the neck and two rows around the sleeves I should probably do four rows around the sleeves as well we will see.
My concerns about the buttonhole bag which is what I will probably do tonight is the width of the strip I cut the width in half (or just about) to 6 (it was 11 or 12 I need to double check) It is till 22 that just seems so big but I do have to realize that this is pre - felted. I am nervous that I do not have enough yarn. I am worried about wasting my time. So many times I have made things wrong and had to start over. Maybe that will make me a better designer. Yes I consider my self a Fashion Designer. What is weird to is I did not knit for a long time and now that I have started I want to do more and more. And My baby asked me for her pink sock. I need to do the things I promised. Like Roz's scarf and Lela's socks. I hate obligating myself.

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