Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Goings On

My green onions are coming up. My money is gone so there will not be any strawberries or tomatoes. My hostas is growing. I am going to move it to a shadier spot in the house. The table by the door will be fine and make the other table just for pictures. I need to find a new place for the elephant ear. I am going to make shift something to fence the plant in because it is all over the place.
I untangled the purple wool it has some knots but it is done. Now I just have to find the first ball and make a swatch. I still have not made my buttonhole bag. I got the needles ready to cast on 52 but nothing. I still need to do Roz's scarf. I saw some Berroco silk and it is just like microspun. Oh Berroco suede is divine! Why does it cost $10 a ball! Ouch! Will not have any anytime soon.
The books I plan to read this summer are Summer Sisiters by Judy Blume, Green Mile by Stephen King and Wuthering Heights I think By Jane Austin I may have read this one already and if so I will replace it with something from around the house.

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