Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I still need to add the buttons and the pockets.
Let see I am almost finished with the panobo. I have 1 more row to go on one sleeve and four more to go on the other then I am going to wash it dry it and I think Iron it or steam it what ever makes my sc lay flat so that you can see that it was edged. I have plans for a second one with 8 inches of ribbing on the sleeves and neck opening. My plan is to do the sleeve ribbing on the machine for both sleeves and then rehang the opening and rib those two sides. I have Jobena's Baby Shower July 8, 2006. I will be on vacation from July 1-5. I have a funeral July 2, 2006. The baby needs her hair done I need my hair done. You know the second Panobo I am going to make out of another thin yarn like the red one. I really think it would look real good done with a thicker yarn. I need to give my hair dresser something in form of a thank you. I have a little bitty pony tail. I am oh so happy it will not be long before I have a doobie!!! Red Heart soft is a nice sportweight yarn I am sure about it's pilling effects. I need to make jobena's sweater hat and booties. I am thinking that I could do a bonnet and socks and maybe put them in a shadow box to give her an idea. That bonnet is ok till the end I was confused. Do I have time for that? When I can just do a mile a minute hat and call it a day. I want to put one of the poodle buttons on the hat and fold some of the brim up. I need to count the poodle buttons I need at least 6.

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