Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ice Tea recipe

I bought a ice tea maker a while a go and I just love it. We like the lemonade ice tea mix and I decided to make my own the other day. Came out really well been making pitchers ever since (it has really only been about three days now) but last night I decided to use the other tea bags I had and hence the below recipe. it has a slight peach flavor.

Tropical Arnold Palmer

3 - family size Tetley peach and kiwi ice tea bags
1 - can concentrate lemonade
1 ½ - cups of sugar

Into the pitcher, measure fresh, cold-water tot the 3 qt water mark. Pour into water reservoir.
Add water to pitcher to the 3 qt water mark. Add lemonade and sugar.
Add tea bags into tea steeping basket.
Fit pitcher into place for brewing. Turn on machine let brew.
Stir to dissolve sugar; chill
Makes 6 qts.

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