Monday, July 02, 2007

Almost done

I am almost done all i have left is the sides and the gussests.

This is going to be a big bag I am thinking baby bag. No not for me. But lately that is what I have been thinking about do a layette. and I want a matching baby bag. Anywho i put a border around each square even though the pattern did not call for it.

What else is in the works. a teddy bear made with the moods yarn i bought from Rave knits. I think I am going to make some booties out of the tahki cotton instead of the sandals for ann's grandbaby I may just give her the yarn. It is really pretty yellow.

And i have started my actual babette with the blue yarn i got from michelle at the last meeting. I have made may things with the yarn i got form her. At first I was like i do not need any yarn i am not using the yarn i have blah blah but in the end all the blue was still there. and she was justgoign to throw it away. So why not take it home. and I am actually using it. I am also considering making something lacy with the black yarn i got from Vera a while back it is sitting there saying make something with me. I found two small balls of purple cotton they keep saying mini ballbands you know you want one! I saw a lady with a wrap at the airport when we were leaving San Francisco that looked handmade and i said I want one of those. I know i can whip it up on the machine. Just need to find the yarn. And now i am making (well i have not actually started) squares for the rebuilding greensburgh thing at sugar bunny blvd blog. I ahve always wanted to mass produce something on the machine and why not for a good cause. I wanted to do the the warm up america sqaures on the machine but i felt like i could crochet them faster and that is what i did. because i have to swatch first this will take some time. Once i swatch it is all down hill from there. You know do i have stash yarn? I am not sure I may not no big deal it will work out.

Oh yeah, my DOT bag is smaller than my Larger then life squares so i may end up using my bag I got on the cruise instead. or making my lining and zippper or at least paying someone to do it for me. I need a skein of yarn too. The sides and bottom are pretty long i don't have much yarn left. But that leaves me time for more crochet projects.

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