Thursday, July 05, 2007

Garter stitch silk slippers

These need to be finished before i go down the road tomorrow. I just need to sew them up but i want tissue paper and a nice package oh my goodness i need ribbon or trim as well. i may have to mail them to her even though I am going to see her friday! Sorry I know.
I worked on my babette some at lunch. Man those 8 r's take some time. this blanket is going to be a real task. If the 8 rs took me this long and i have only completed two. What about the the bigger ones? If I do al of the 8 r's i wll run out of yarn. I need to do at least one of each square so that I can have may be one sqaure in each section out of the same yarn.
At the CB Meeting this weekend we plan on making squares for greensburgh. I had already planned on making some on the machine but hey why not as a whole. Garter stitch as well will not take long.
Looking at my slippers you can see the inc on the second one. See the first one i did the inc by knitting in the front end the back the second one I did YO inc.

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