Sunday, July 22, 2007

Funny Quote

"...I know the species (men). There is not one straight, gay or quadraplaegic, I would not say, "He would cheat on you."" this was from the new show on Lifetime about the therapists.

On a craft note i am trying to finish the several bags I started. I am trying to finish something for a change! I actually have sewn together my blue black and white bag, and my khaki bag now i just need some lining and handles.

The Babette was kicking my butt. I could not figure out which colors to use i felt like I was trapped in a box. My resdient color theorist (Michelle) said just put them all on the table and pick out which ones go together. That helped because I had all my yarn in a bag and I was just grabbing yarn and it seemed like none of my colors went together. Thank you Michelle!

I made about three granny squares I have no clue what to do with but I saw a site about sharing a square for charity and so now I can give them to the charity. I will make one more so that they can have at least a block.

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