Friday, October 12, 2007

*&^%$ or get off the pot

Ok so I was crying the other day "i lost my mojo I don't know what to knit, bla, blah blah" So I didi something about it. I talked to Raena the other day ( she hurt her wrist so she has been out of the craft pocket) and she was like Iwant to make this log cabin blanket (the courthouse steps one from mason Dixon Knitting) I was like I do to I have a crochet pattern just can't figure out how to crochet it like that . I looked at the pattern for a while and it came to me in an instant. See All I need was to talk to someone. Ranea laughed at me. I had tried to do it one time before but I was doing it wrong last night banged it out. I am almost done. I love this pattern it crochets up real quick. probably would have been faster if i used a bigger needle. but me never being satified I am still not happy becasue I wanted four solid rounds but I ran out of yarn. It is still cute and I accomplished something.

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Nik said...

you know, i've had a hankerin' to crochet myself a blanket these days...but I'm having a difficult time trying to find the right pattern.

You've given me something to think about.

It was great meeting you this weekend, girl. We must do it again sometime.