Wednesday, October 10, 2007

what is next?

for the last three days i have tried to start something baby. I have a baby shower coming up in Nov. This may be one baby I make nothing for. I think it is becasue I know i don't have enough yarn. I don't know. what I really want to make is a Gucci inspired purse. The other day I went to a Jewish festival and I had my Fende bag i folded it in half to make easier for carrying and I loved it. Instanly I thought of Girlfriends and all the cute clutches they rock (mind you there is nothing in those purses but that is not the point) so i thought i could make one and even put a snap on it to keep it closed ( because I did end up unfolding from the wrong end dumping all contents on to the floor. Thank you so much for the two little boys who were there in a blink to pick all my stuff up). I even started it (here comes the excuse) I dropped both stitch markers, it is taking way longer than i planned , it is really thin yarn, blah blah blah. if I really want it I will just do it. and since i already did the base i should just do it. I learned something too. Raena always say she cannot or at least have not tried to knit in the round. I am like if I knit in the round you definitely can knit in the round but you know what I pick up stitches then knit in the round it is much different than casting on and trying not to twist the stitches! Which is why I have yet to do my Ballet T. maybe my motivation has changed at first i was always motivated to finsh something for someone else now I am more motivated to finish stuff for me. and I am not actually finshing anything cause i have to be in double digits right now on bags that need lining.
But on the map: the miter square wrap from Interweave knits, ballet T from Loop d loop and my gucci inspired bag. You know what I want that wrap off the cover of loop d loop crochet book. The one with the collar. Espaecially if we wear knee high botts that wrap is going to set what I ever i wear off. Now I am sure of the color that i want to knit probably black and grey or crimson and cream I guess it depends on the boots? it may even be brown or tan either way I want it!

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Virtuous said...

Aahh to bad I can't see you pic.

But I am finishing up the Ballet T now and will be wearing it on Saturday!! :o)

Now you know you gotta pick crimson & creme! ;op