Monday, October 02, 2006

Look at what I got!!!

Lunabud sent me these lovely items. Do you see that washcloths. I was going to send a simple round nine patch I see now I got to step it up. I will send a garterlac because I am almost finish with mine and I feel another one before I start on my petal one. Everything she sent was beautiful including the card. So I got to step it up there as well. If she reads this Thank you again. Oh the stichmakers I think are glass in my favorite color blue. And I think she made the candy corn so she sent me two sets of stitch markers. I should return the favor. I got the rest of the findings for the other stitch markers. Awaiting instuctions for my little skein of yarn. and then I think I will be done. I am thinking that I should buy another bracelet and then give them four of the same with one unique one. Then I will be done and noone has to wait. But I still need to do my washcloths. Part two of the washcloths swap will start soon so I need to move before I get backed up. So off I go.

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