Wednesday, December 06, 2006

pedicure sock

ok here is my first attemp at a pedicure sock. You can get the actual pattern at I got the idea from Raena. I made this on Monday. Off bat it is too big. I use red heart soft. That is a great yarn. And I use GIna Ahren's Ankle Sock For the Whole Family patern as usual! I put too many rows of ribbing at the bottom. It calls for 32 rows for the foot and I did 16 and ribbed the last sixteen rows. Like I said too many. Next time I will do only 5-6 rows. So this means I need to do the medium for me and the small for everyone else no larges.
I had not machine knitted in a while so it felt good to get a sock off the machine in an hour and a half. I was tired too but i wanted to see that sock. I was going to do it on Sun but could find the patern to save my tail. You know I found it I want to say yesterday or this morning. Still did me no good. so my next attempt will be with the same yarn and just one size smaller.

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