Friday, December 29, 2006

Getting in as much crafting in as I possibly can!

Ok the TACK x-mas party went well of the four rooms in the house I had three doors open. Much better than the last house. But now that all that cleaning is done and i am on a weeks vacation I am going to get in as much kntting as I possibly can!!!! For starts I made a machine knit ballband washcloth. Things that I learned do not pullit real tight. You see those three rows that are all the same and not offset as it should be. mistake I think not that my friend is a machine knit Baby Genius Burp Cloth!

By the way for Chirstmas I got the Mason Dixon Knitting Book!!!! Oh yeah!!!

Ok I have also made Jewelry. Coleen came over with her fabo wooden bead necklace which reminded me that I had to make one. Then Alexis got some brown shoes that same noght and the light went off make a wooden bead necklace to match my brown shoes. (Really Alexis brown shoes but I am not supposed to be making plans for her stuff.) So I made two the third one is coming but I ran out of toggles and clasps. Who knew? I wore the light brown set today. I plan on wearing the off white set with all black. I should send these pic s to Coleen. Show her what she inspired me to make. Don't they look retro!
Well off I go to get more crafting in. I am going to make a burp cloth!

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Jane said...

You will love the Mason Dixon book - I know I do. Looks like you will be turning out the machine knit ballbands by the dozen. The wooden bead necklaces are very pretty too.
Jane (Winter Wonderland Swap)