Friday, March 28, 2008

Where am I?

Let's see I am almost done with my knitted espadrilles.

You see I have two tops. Why do I have two balls of twine? Well me being grown went to walmart and saw a little ball of jute twine which is what the pattern calls for and I saw saw this large ball of sisal me thinking they were not that much different and the sisal was cheaper I am going with sisal. No. It was so hard to work with I think I got 6 chs and said enough. Next time follow directions but then it would not be me. The other ball I am not even sure it is jute. It is the same color in the pattern. I got it at Target for $1 on the label it said ball of twine it gave no content info. It was a dollar I could at least try it. And it crocheted up pretty nice. But it stinks! it smells like oil or gasoline. But it is working it will be on my feet I do not care! I plan to make a bag with the sisal once i figure out how.

I have 5 ivory centers left to do for my eight rounds before i begin the borders. The all I have left are the two larger squares the 16 and the 20 rounds. I can't wait. Raena has made two blankets in the time it is taking me to make this one! I want to make one like hers, she made a tiramisu. actually a super tiramisu she used a huge hook. I think i will make a white or ivory one. I am making all things for the baby neutral because I do not want to know the sex of the baby till it comes into the world.

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