Monday, March 17, 2008

What's Up!!!

Ok What have Ibeen doing so far. nothing. Sadly but true. i finally went to AC Moore to get some yarn and a plus it was on a bigger sale than previous. previously it was on sale for 1.49 this time it was on sale for 1.19. I almost went back and got some more!. They were fully stocked as well. So as I said before i am doing the centers first then the borders. I am on the eight rounds and the break down is thus 3 white 5 ivory and 3 yellow. not bad but i guess it is my surroundings. You know maybe I should not be in bed all roasty toasty then i would not get bored and then go to sleep. And by the way we got a new pillow top mattress which calls me everyday so when i get home i make sure the baby has what she needs and I get straight in the bed! It is like sleeping on a cloud! But anyway back to crafting. I have completed one eight round. One of the ivory centers. and so I started working on the three yellow centers I got to about halfway through the third one got bored and went to sleep. here is my new goal! crochet at work on the bench outside. I wish I had my project with me so then i could outisde right now enjoying the beautiful sunshine. That way i cannot go to sleep. but anyway that is what I have been doing so far. Instead of nothing I can say sleeping.

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Virtuous said...

Get lots of rest! You need it rigt now!!