Thursday, November 30, 2006

Too Big

Ok my birthday was tuesday 11/28. The guys at my job gave me some money and Leon gave me some money in addtion to my other b-day gifts. I had my 40% off coupon ready to go get my sock needles. Why did I walk out of the door without it? So tired of waiting I bought them full price. I also bought some tightly woven yarn(Senso cotton) and the french back earring hooks. I had plans on wearing them today that is why I wore red and black. To make a long story short I made one earring (the one pictured) and it came out too big? First I don't know which set of needles are the 000 ones so I picked the smallest or at least what I thought was the smallest set. I am sure my yarn is right. I used some old sock yarn I had from my first and only pair of socks that I made and the Senso cotton is thinner than the sock yarn. I should have bought a needle gauge. I will today. I thought about when I open the pack and discovered that the numbers are not on the needle. I emailed the pattern writer to see if she had a clue as to why they came out so big. I am going to email Kay or Ann to see if they can explain the 6+3 thing in reference to the ball band washcloth.

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