Friday, November 17, 2006

More Felting

Ok these are prefelted needle rolls. I got the pattern from Berrocco. One is knitted and one is crocheted. I just finished the knitted one. So I will probably felt them tonight. I got my last swap apl. She knits mostly socks. Last night I bought some real small jump rings now I have a great use for them. I would like to make some needles as well. I will work on that. And I bought two small xmas trees and I put them in the milk glass urns. So far they are very cute I have to buy some lights. They had some small lighted x-mas tresses but they were like 10.00. I know I can buy some lights for $1 at the dollare tree so I got the $1 tree. Now for ornaments. I was thinking ballband earrings.

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