Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ballband Fever

I got the fever again. Someone posted a apttern for miniball bands and I just had to have one i got half one already made it only rtook me an hour. I would have had all 8 rows of ricks done but i took it done because I thought i could do the pattern by heart. No. it will be finished tomorrow so I will have a pic then.


holly said...

Hello! Glad to see you have washcloth fever! This is Holly, Co-Host of the Winter Wonderland Swap. We need you to send us an email as we sent an email to you with your swap pal and it said that it was not able to be delivered to your emaildiva#### acct as it "does not exist" (I know that is not your exact email, but I really do not want to put your email up in a comment just in case spambots are reading!).

holly said...

P.S. Our email address is winterwonderlandswap AT gmail DOT com