Monday, July 31, 2006

Look what I found

These are not my washcloths I got this pic off Mason Dixon KAL I wanted a pic that was better than the website.
Please click on the title. This the ball band dishcloth pattern . The same one in the Mason Dixon Knitting book!!!! Now the picture is Sorry go to the Mason Dixon KAL site and you will see many many examples. oh yeah! oh yeah! oh yeah!


Wendy DG said...

Hi Toni,

I absolutely love green and purple together. It looks awesome.

Regarding your comment on my felted purse on the One Skein KAL website...the pattern came out of the One Skein book. I just added a few extra rows above the handle for added support. Thanks so much for your comment. Wendy

Kate A. said...

Pretty dishcloths indeed! Regarding your comment on *my* blog post, about felting sweaters from Goodwill - once they're felted, you can cut them up without unraveling, and make them into whatever you want. Take a look at Leigh Radford's AlterKnits book - she shows recipes there for both handbags and a bed cover out of felted machine-knit sweaters. I'm making her kind of handbags, and some patchwork pillow cases inspired by the bedcover.

In addition to just not having to buy the yarn or do the knitting yourself, the advantage to felting old machine-knit sweaters is that they're usually knit much finer, so the resulting felt, though still thick, is less thick than the kind you make yourself. That makes it more flexible for sewing, and a better weight for blankets, etc. They can take a lot longer to felt, though, than handknits tend to. And of course you have to be careful they're hand-wash only, and don't contain too much of white or other light colors, as these usually don't felt. But I've still had amazing luck finding really good 100% wool sweaters at Goodwill and other consignment stores.