Thursday, July 27, 2006


Why did it come out round. 1 because i did not follow directions. But it was so nice for Kay to email me back so soon and give me an idea.
Hi, I think you did your decreases on EVERY row, right? You are only supposed to do them on the Right Side rows, therefore, every other row. I'm not sure that's it, but that's my best guess.

But it looks so cool round! I love the picture.

You don't have to re-knit the whole cloth, just pull out the miters and do them again. But if it were me I'd keep the cool round dishcloth!

xox Kay

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Stephanie said...

I saw the picture and thought, "OMG, how did you make that round?!" I agree with Kay, keep it round. It looks great.


P.S. I came across your blog surfing random blogs in the Mason-Dixon SwapCloth. Hi. :)