Monday, September 10, 2007

What type handles

Buttonhole handles, clutch flap or dowel rods? I don't really think i want buttonhole handles i am really leaning towards the clutch flap. But I am not sure how sturdy that will be. it is made with a bottom so would a clutch flap look right? see my dilemma. I am so glad Girlfriends will be back in Oct so i can see all the hottest clutches they are wearing! I have also been thinking that i should give the jumbo fat bottom bag another go this time with SC. I feel i ran out of yarn (not because i did not enough) because i used DC. I hate to try and have my heart broken again. Yeah did not tell you I went to Hancocks and 1 they did not have navy and 2 it was 6.99 a skein! I need three plus the needle! Anywho i started the ballet t. I am having bit of trouble with the needles. The plastic needles never bothered me before when i was making buttonhole bags but now it is really a problem with this woolease. The pattern is not seeming too hard either. It is just going to take some patients.

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