Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Latest bag to match shoes

I thought this yarn would match my shoes. I may it is just a little darker than the last beige bag and they went ok with that .
It came out I guess (i say guess because i wanted it big but did I want it this big?) bigger than I had planned it doesn't look bad I wonder how it will look once I put the lining in. Is has sort of a square base at least is has four corners. I expanded on a buttonhole bag base i statred at 21sts and increased to 29 sts. didi the regular 20 garter ridges then decreased. Pickup sts and went around till I was almost out of yarn then casted off 20 sts in the middle instaed of the regular 10 and didi moss sttich for a decorative edge. I didi run out of yarn. in closing i had to use a differnt yarn for like the last three sts. It is a design element. you all should it. it needs to be embellished. a plus is the holes are big enough so i can wear it on my sholuder. I don't really like the bottom and i amfraid that the handles are going to stretch real bad. I think I am bad now with my moss stitch handle. The handle could be wider. But since I ran out yarn i was tempted to use a differnt color. I need to tuck in the lose ends and line it. this could be considered my shopper. and or shopping bag. Lined propoerly i think it could make a darling baby bag.

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