Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Homeconing is about 2 weeks away and all i have are a pair of shoes a cute pair of shoes though. tel me what you think. i have made a winter garden bag (a little different but same concept) that sorta matches and then my Fendi that sorta matches as well i thought of the Fnedi when I saw the shoes. You see this years theme is "Show'em what ya working wit" Just like that incorrect an all. So I am trying. Can you beleive the shoes only cost $20. I know !

Do you see it yes those are more willow blocks! See thought i would surprise you. I am making the german granny bag out of willow block!s A round larger than life bag! Get Out! This is the first part of my tutorial. The blocks.

onthe winter garden bag I have to stain the dowels and glue on the bead plus line the bag. See if would have done the flap I could have almost been done but it would not have been so cute. Plus i love moss stitch. I have a matching moss stitch change purse on the way.

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