Friday, May 25, 2007

Larger than life bag

I joined the granny along this all came about from my babette. Now that i have started crocheting now i cannot stop. So i am almost done with the bag I am making the sqaures for the gusset now. I may or may not use them. Then I saw the larger than life bag and one lady is going to put hers right onto a bag skip the lining plastic canvas zipper and the whole nine. I fully understand I have a pile of unfinished bags. i really need to find someone to do it for me. But anyway I keep going to this and that a lys here and they gave me a whole bunch of interfacing to use in all of my unfinished bags so now all i need is lining. now the good part is that I now can choose any fabric because the interfacing will allow the bag to keep it shapes regardless of the bag contents. I am really going to need a sewing machine. The ladies at this and that said three layers of interfacing . Must have a sewing machine to put together three layers of interfacing and lining . one lady at the lys said i make my bags too long. but that is the way i like them. I make them long and short. unique! So i have to take down two bags put the interfacing on the backside of the lining then construct the lining. woo Hoo! big fun all the while I don't have my big white bag
then comes Andy do you want theis Bag. Then the same ephiphany hit me that hit Ellen in LA there you go!

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