Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pictures at last

Ok here are the pics of my Babette in progress and i plan to make this into a bag. This will be cute with a black t shirt jeans and black pumps. the yarn porn is from my Bond weekend. Yes that is sock yarn! I have plans to make another pair of socks my second pair. If i ever make it back to Rave knits I wlil get some cotton fleece earlier today I was thinking this yarn would make great baby washcloths nice and soft. with the lime green nylon i have plans to make a medium size adventure bag by noni. I just need a swatch. I am going to make a long weekend bag with some white nylon thread. I need at least onr of these bags done before my beach trip. I am going to make a medium size adventure bag on the machine in acrylic. the green bag will be handmade so i can get an idea of how the bag is made. I am going to make the white one on the machine that is why i need to make the med one on the machine to see how it will work. so lets see! oh yeah and and i am going to make a solid babette. I have plans on a babette bag and blanket. solid of course. I am thinking a baby set. off to knit.

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