Monday, October 03, 2005


I have one sweater made I told you that. But I did not tell you that I have made my very first flag sweater! I have yet to put the sleeves on then I have to put the stars on and then the buttons. But I have it. This may seem crazy but I think I want a flag poncho. I have this Cape Cod blue yarn that is just the best. I am going to make the triangle blanket found in Vougue on the go baby knits two book. I look at the patterns in the book and see which one I can do on the machine. I did the dcuk blanket that way. Actually I bought the book for the duck blanket. I could not get that blanket off my mind. I hated buying the book because I am not that grand of a hand knitter. Just yesterday I figured out how to do the cast on where you you go under your thumb them under your finger and back throught your thumb. I got som more knitting needles. My point is that Now that I spent 13 on a book I can't really use I better find a way other than a coaster. Now this maybe illegal but i don't really post the patterns I was told to say how I did it. I don't post the graph which was all I really needed. I was thinking about making a book called how I did it with My knitting machine (that doesn't really sound right) Something more like how I created it with my knitting machine. So Coleen's son will have a mix of crocheted and knitted items. I use Gina Ahren's pattern alot as my base and i go from there. I need to get on the ball and create sweaters for my daughter brfore she decides she does not want handmade sweaters. I got the best plan for a twin set. May I should try one of those tonight since she is at her granny's. I am trying to stay at home so that I wont spend any moeny but the money is burning hole in my pocket.

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