Thursday, August 04, 2005


This is my first blog. I am not exactly sure what you do but I think I have an idea. This blog is mainly to talk about what I have been crafting. I Crochet, Machine Knit, Sew it really does not matter. My friend and I have a saying, "We do not mind spending money to learn a new craft." And that is really how it is. I am constantly finding ways to incorporate one task into the other. For example I crossstitched onto a machine knit blanket because I am not very good at intarsia or fairisle. I will crochet an edge around a blanket because I know how to do that quicker than doing one on the machine.
The little girl is the light of my life. Who knew it would take so much. You will see her in a lot of my pics. She is my top model. Now that she is bigger I have to start making my own patterns. I am glad I have Knitware. I have yet to make a mommy daughter set though. Just too lazy. Plus I can't knit because she wants to knit too. But there are times I get around her.

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