Monday, August 15, 2005

I am getting there

Yesterday I made the ladybug bag. They sorta look like butterflies but the bag is done so I am not going to complain. It could be better but it is good for my first try. I even did the bottle bag that came with it. I am going to try and take picture of the entire set. I made two jackets, a pair of booties and a hat. the bootie and hat are for right now when she is teeny tiny. I will use a paint pen next time. I stenciled the ladybugs on then I outlined it with puff paint. I haven't puffed it and I don't think I will. I wanted to put her name on it but I have alwasy heard you should not put children's names on their clothes or belongings. I have again tried my hand at converting a hand knit pattern into machine knit I will let you know how that goes. I am supposed to finsh my shopping cart cover this sunday. I would like to make a lady bug one.

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