Friday, September 01, 2006

The Creativity it causes is addicting!

Well I have made one buttonhole bag and I am making another one. I made a red and cream and now a blue and grey. I really like the blue and grey one. I am making mini ones, so they are going real fast. Man I wish I could find that other ball of purple. Then I could make a mini purple one. I can see the blue and grey one with some jeans. I may try and rock a buttonhole with every outfit this homecoming. I got to catch wool on sale a coupon or something. I want some solid ones. All black all red all blue then I could use the scraps to make even more. But my new thing is polymer clay. I want to make my own beads. Sculpey has mold that I can use to make things like turkey stitch markers all kinds of things and I may have to wait until next month but I cannot wait. I want to also make some transfers or put pictures onto beads.

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