Monday, September 25, 2006


She got her package thank you Jesus!

Here is her reply:
Hi Toni!

I haven't had a chance to let you know that I got your package!!! I actually got it two or three days ago, but have been busy and haven't been able to email you and say THANK YOU! Holy cow, you must have been knitting a ton to knit me all those washcloths! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 9patchers! As did my girls who claimed "THESE ARE MINE!" I told them I'd love to share, but that they couldn't have those ones, because they were MINE MINE MINE! Then they wanted the bracelette you sent, so we all have to share that. And the stitch markers? How could you have known that I NEEDED NEW ONES? I love them! And of course, in my fave colors, couldn't get any better than that! Pink and purple are the best colors on the planet after all :)
Thank you so much, I am so excited that I got to be your pal, you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, sorry for having taken so long to respond to you. It's been crazy around casa de Tracey lately with school, soccer stuff, home stuff, church stuff, etc!

Have a great week!

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