Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Did you know

I have been blogging for a year. New to me too. I have not crafted in a while since I hurt my shoulder felting. tragic craft incident. I got some great directions on to line my buttonhole bags. Can't wait to get to it. I looked at the red one and it looked like it was felted enough. But nah! Let my arm heal. I want to tackel the gaterlac wash cloth next. I am going to combine my bernat cotton tots to see how soft the washcloth will be. I have yet to come across my one lonely skein of baby terri I know I have in the house somewhere. Once I find that I think I will have the utlimate soft washcloth. Cuz microspun did not do it. Ihave done nothing with my Noni bag. Yes I am ashamed. I am ready to send my swap pal her stuff. Just need to clean up the edges and I am done. Lord please let me remeber to take a picture. You know I seen another felted bag I want to make. The Marsupial tote. I like the little change purse inside. I got a pattern for some bobbles I amight try my hand at the bobble bag. My idea is all felted bag are modified buttonhole bags. Make a straight buttonhole bag add bobble you got the bobble bag. Leave off the bottonhole handles and add the black lacquer one. How cute would it be if I left the buttonhole hande. Oh I see one lady do a decorative edge on her buttonhole bag. It was real cute. What about a ball band butoonhole bag. That would give me a chech look when felted. Especiallly if you do red and black. Can I do that in a circular pattern?

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