Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mini, Micro, and Nano Buttonhole bags (Pre Felted)

I have made three buttonhole bags in like two days. I was attemping to make the mini buttonhole bag and I got three different versions. Will post pics later. The red one I call the mini i ended up picking up 28 sts on each side instead of 22 and the blue and grey I picked up the right amount (22) and the third one I picked up 24 sts don't ask me how. I want to teach a class on how to make these but I need a class first! The nano is because i did not have enough yarn left so I only did 5 rows instead of ten. They are not felted yet got to take pictures first. I am worried about the nano felting down into something I will not be able to use and being a waste of wool. I have a great idea tyo teach knititng classes using free patterns and the cost only a ball of yarn. Thsi way I teach others and my yarn stash grows. I can definitley teach a washcloth class. Buttonhole like I said I am a little sketchy. We will see. I can supply stich markers and row counter braclet as a parting gift.
Now that I have a picture I can felt them tonight.

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