Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Buttonhole bag the beginning

Well I am trying to make the buttonhole bag. original pattern is at the mason dixon knitting blog . I don't hand knit all that well so I am trying to rewrite the pattern in bondese. It is not going so well. I have done two tries with the pattern I made myslef. It dawned on me yesterday that my base is not big enough. As you can see with the first picture. I was reading the other day at the pattern Kay and Ann did at first and it had some measurements on it so I was like Yes! But Lea Ann said that if I knew the width of the garter stitch then I would be good. So I emailed Ann/Kay and Kay said she did not have one non felted but she thought 12 inches wide maybe less. So I am going to go with 12 inches. My main problem is wool is expensive. I went to AC moore and got the cheapest wool they had and it was still $5.33 for 3.5 oz. The pattern called for Lamb's Pride bulky. I was anxious and got Patons Classic. So the next bag I will make will be Patons. I will eventually make one by hand especially if this one I make on the machine does not come out. That is my last hope. To make one per the instructions measure it and then break the pattern down to bondese. I am determined. I asked Ann Wilson to look at the pattern I wrote and she rewrote it for me. I modified her pattern to include the numbers I came up with.

Now here is what I got if you see something let me know (all info is pre felted)
17 sts = 4"
24 rows = 4"

She says the strip is about 12" wide and 14" long
so I need it to be at least 51 sts wide and 84 rows long

The body is 16" wide and 11.5" high
so it should be at least 68 sts wide and 69 rows long. Yes or no?

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