Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Buttonhole Saga

I started a bag with the circular needles. Let me tell you why. The numbers I came up with were for the black wool. I went out and bought cream and blue yarn. I did not want to work with black yarn because I could not see the stitches. When I realized I had to re swatch I said forget it I will swatch later. I am so backwards because know I want a purple bag. I bought some pretty purple wool and I will swatch that right after I am finished with my handknit buttonhole bag. The thing with the hand knit one is I had to double it because the stitches were way too lose. The purple one I have no choice because I only have one skein so I will make that on the machine once i get the guage info. I will pray for the best.

The pictures are of my second attempt at the bag. Both bags were made in the same night. I show it flopped out and flat. When I tried to get it to stand on its own that is when I realized the base was not big enough. It was square when I finshed it but I hand felted it and missed the part about being gentle. So it turned into a trapezoid.

I told Lela I made the bag for her. She has plans for this bag. She said she is going to give her buttonhole bag to Ms. Maria (her daycare teacher). Lela is 2 yrs old. When the baby asks "are you making that for me?" How can you say no. This is my better bag. But anyway I will try and glam it up for Ms. Maria. I was thinking zipper and a pretty ribbon. I will take pics.

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