Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Travelers Notebook

Hey, I diy'ed my travelers notebook (TN)  but I love it.  I am currently thinking  how to reduce it down to just two books my journal and my planner.  I need either to add a small piece to the back or make a whole new cover.  Right now I have my journal (the pic on the front is not mines I copied it for Erra the creator on Instagram I love her art work),
I have my food journal. I am thinking if I could reduce this to an insert in the planner.

My food at a glance sheet I am either going to add it as a page in the food journal insert or make it a one page insert into my planner either way this separate section is going away as well as my habit tracker  which I am still getting used to using .  I may add a list of books I have read for the year but not sure.  I like this set up.  The TN fits easily in my clutches. now to add a pen loop and a charm.  

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