Thursday, August 04, 2016

A little off

This is my selfdrafted/frakenpattern jumpsuit.  This is my second attempt at a strapless jumpsuit. Again the top is too big.  When I took my measurements before I cut the pattern (S1115)  I got 43 which ticked me off. I have been eating right and working out and my numbers are going up? So I cut a 44. Yeah that was way off.  I might need a new tape measure lol.  The last time this happened I could not figure out how to fix it and I took the top off added a waistband to the pants and kept it moving.  This go around I think I have found the solution.  I need to fix the zipper and i am going to take it in from the center back. That is going to give me a seam down the middle but it is not that bad to me.  I was going to wear it today with a blazer but the zipper is not attached all the way so it was lopsided. I was going to make it work. It was after midnight I had worked hard on this suit.  It was the first time I did boning too.  My husband was cracking on me like what is that sticking up in the back you might need to redo that.  Any way I am determined pictures of the finished project soon!

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