Thursday, June 21, 2012

My fan fiction

As a variation on the exercise, you can take someone else's published story and render passages, especially paragraphs of narrative of at least a half page in length in a point of view other than that which the author used.

I pore over the executive summary for the hundredth time since I received it two days ago, looking for some insight into the enigmatic Miss Anastasia Rose Steele.

I cannot get the damned woman out of my mind, and it’s seriously beginning to piss me off.

( E.L. James Fifty Shades – Bonus Meet Fifty Shades Part 2)

Olivia’s point of view

He is still looking at that, summary, resume; I don’t know what that was. For that bushy head, no style having girl that came in here the other day. What was her name again.. oh yeah Anastasia. He’s been looking at that paper for two days now, dang! He ain’t gon’ learn no more about her from some paper.

He can’t think of nothing else. I went into his office, to give him a message, and he did not even notice me. I had on my cutest pencil skirt, button up top and skyscraper heels, you couldn’t tell me nothing. A little irked, he took the message and said, “Thank you”, without even looking up.

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