Monday, November 16, 2009

I know I know

I know I did not workout sat or sun my excuse was going to be sabbath but since i did not work out on sun i could not say that. Tell the truth lazy. But I weighed in even though i was not supposed to until wednesday cause that is when i started but I lost 2 lbs I am 174! now it will probably come back . I got to thnking that 20 mins was not going to be ebough you are supposed to work out for an hour but it seems to be working. I will work out today. i was playing with the kids and i didisome pretty good butt kicks just cannot dothem for a long as she wants to. I have 8 more days on level one then onto level two. Since I took that two day break I am probably back to square one. But I have nothing but time so hey let's use it. and I started another slouchy beret i am using 9's for the whole thing hopefully it is smaller to fit lelas head. i wore mine this moring mind you I just made it last night she was like let me wear it. Girl bye!

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