Monday, February 04, 2008

What have I been up to

Nothing much still working on the green shopper and thirsting for the yellow basketweave madie. Have not started it because want to finish the green one first. I was going to buy some yellow yarn when I remembered I have some already. It is a thin cotton. I am going to double it and work the bag up on my 5 circulars. At least that is the plan anyway. But i do have the base and more of my shopper complete. That is a good start. I should be half way done but i am not working on it like I usually do. You know circurlar knitting it will go by in a flash. I am already thinking of ways to finish it and i am not even halfway done. Red heart did a great job on color matching this yarn looks like a great piece of fresh new grass.

The yellow bag I am going to make like Raena's Madies she cast on the length then knit the width her base and bag are seamless to me. It just takes too long for me but you get a great bag. We will see. I am thinking of putting piece of plastic canvas on the botom and adding feet I do not want my bottom poking out i really want a flat bottom bag if that makes since.
Last night I was watching QVC and they were selling D&B Bags. I want to make one of those. A large square bag with a short handle that is the next line after the yellow madie but not sure what color. Still have not made me a real big bag( because I have made a buttonhole bag) out of crochet nylon. anyway steadlily working away on my grass shopper.

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Virtuous said...

Heeeeey Toni!

Just trying to feverishly catch up on my reads since I have been out of town.

Nice to see your Mojo is slowly coming back! :o)

Keep at it!