Friday, February 15, 2008

Cat Blanket to Baby Blanket

Minus the edging these blanket are excatly the same 100sts wide by 125 sts long. See how far back I had to be to take a full pic of the solid blue one. Yes this was a gauge lesson. Now the solid one needs to blocked badly because how is it still curling even though it is ribbed?! This is my first blanket where i did the ribbing as I went. It took longer than the cat blanket but the same amount of yarn about 1 skein not a complete skein. One side of the ribbing did not come out so well it is only visible upon real close inspection. I may have came out ok if i had doubled the yarn on the blue and white one. Now that I think about it the solid blue one was made on key plate 4 not three like the blue and white one. it still is sport weight versu worsted weight. But htere you have my gauge lesson. Haven't had one in a while been hand kniting purses for so long I forgot all about gauge! what a way to come back to reality.

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Virtuous said...

LOL @ had to find gauge! ;op

Hey yarn is that blue/white? I like how it stripes!

I didn't know you have a cat!!