Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Swap well receved!

http://www.winterwonderlandswap.blogspot.com/ Click on the link to see what I did for the winter wonderland swap. oh! I got a good idea for the snow ball fight swap is going to takes some patience but i think I can do it. The washcloths are Machine knit for theose who came for the MK info. Not hard at all. I love them. I love knit weaveing would like to spend more time with the process just to see what I can do.

Hand knitting i have started my big dotty envelope clutch. I like it I am thinking of selling it on ebay. it is not hard at all and i did 8 inches in about two days I have 4 more or less to go. I was going to try and knit weave it but it did not go so well. I thought it was going to be harder than it was. The other day I was watching knittiy gritty and I saw this lady use one skein but she used the string from both ends of the yarn to double strand the yarn. Let me find out that will work for making buttonhole bags and it is on. No longer will I have to buy two skeins of yarn!.

When I am done the clutch I am going to try it out. I can make a brown buttone hole bag and line it with the purple and brown fabric and send to my cousin she wants a knitted purse. I am alos going to do a reverse color of the clutch in a coin purse size.


Bagpuss said...

Hi Don't worry you haven't been forgotton your winterwondrland swap parcel will be in the post tomorrow.

Jane said...

Thanks again for the great Winter Wonderland swap package! What is the snowball fight swap? Sounds interesting.