Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Second Sock Syndrome Swap

I got this from Girl is Crafty But since I do not or should I say I have not made a pair of socks by hand I thought why not machine knit them! So here are the rules

Purchase enough yarn to make a pair of socks.
Find a cool sock pattern.
Knit only 1 of the socks.
Package up the sock, the rest of the yarn, the pattern, and then any other little items that you think your swap pal might like (needles, more yarn, candies, little gifts, etc). Mail it out.

My ideas for a first pattern would be Gina Ahrens. This is if you did not have one of your own. I made one pedicure sock on the machine but I don't have the pattern down pat yet. But I used ginas pattern for it. The possibilites are endless.

We could even do sock wars, well eventually. Lets not put the cart before the horse.

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